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Aviyon believes in creating each & every project from scratch. Our projects are completely unique, implementing various new concepts & logic based strategies. We take great pride and creating software that's easily identifiable and noticeable with our brand. Many hours of research is taken before each & every creation. Our design, logic, minor detailing, front & back end engineering or all taken very seriously, which can be seen in anything we create.


Aviyon takes great pride in simplicity of automation; and the innovative measures of all our work. As a corporation we make it a necessity to be as transparent as plausible. Here on this platform you can view our timeline to see all projects by release dates and level of completion. We show what were working on, the development process, concepts, projected earnings, actual earnings, losses etc. On the feed page you will see all of our post delays, releases, inputs, and everything relating to the Aviyon development.


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2 years ago
kodoninja.com Is in the process of going stable, bugs are being fixed.

Memberships will be $3.99 PAID or FREE
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2 years ago
Aviyon,com, aviyon.com, is now aviyon.co until servers are up.
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Speed, simplicity, efficiency, light weight & precise coding techniques or some of many techniques put into a single Aviyon creation. We believe in creating an single OS based platform that can easily be downloaded, accessed, and seen across all browsers, and operating systems. Cloud storage, database manipulation, fast & consistent up time, multiple servers, low cost, user control, customization, and dynamic output, are all programmed with the intention of taking in large traffic.


We aren't afraid to break the traditional design patterns, and try something different. Our creations are constantly updated and implementing new research in user interaction and programming. Fluid mobile layouts, and light weight modular coding allows for more and faster user interacting. Headers, menus, notifications, buttons, navigation, sliding left, right up and down can all be seen in some unique way. OS based logic allows for more complex mobile transitions, and more legs to stand on for keeping stability.


Aviyon takes great pride in the use of open-source software. No handicaps, just simple text editors like gedit for most coding, and programs like Vim, Code::Blocks, and Emacs to beef up to the Algorithms, and bug catching. We love freedom, and we love building from scratch making everything, every detail vectorized and dynamic. Open-source is the future, we make our code visible for everyone, although file, folder paths, security etc. are always left mysterious. Icons are built and edited in house using Inkscape, Krita, and Gimp.


We use Firefox and Firefox Developer Edition as our primary browser for creating, testing and debugging web/mobile/app software. The freedom, stability and flexibility of Firefox is influential in our designs and debugging tactics. Various other browsers are used to further test the functionality of the creations including; Safari, Chrome, Internet Explore, Opera and many others.


For lightweight compiling, speed, keyboard shortcuts and ease of use, we tend to aim for Emacs. We use this to quickly debug our OOP languages.


Much like Emacs and Vim we use Atom for compiling large programs, and projects. We use its vast library of compilers and navigation tools to navigate through projects, and hundreds of lines of code. This is our number one choice for debugging, running, and fixing continuity issues among static and dynamic languages.


Like Emacs we use this as another alternative for code creating and manipulation.


Like Gedit we use these powerhouse lightweight editors to start writing code on any of our projects. The clever use of their syntax highlighting, build in xml, html, python, php, perl, ruby... extensions make writing code a breeze. Navigation through code folders, renaming, editing, you name it these editors have it. It makes building massive amounts of code from scratch easier for the entire team with their many addons and freedom.


Most our code consist of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. Thus we deem it appropriate to use a text editor that was specifically build for this in mind. This is our first choice to create our code.


Since we primarly build our code in Linux, this is our first choice to create our code of all languages. We use this 94% of the time and with the added boost of gmate master, it takes compiling and creating code to a more fun and cohesive experience.


We use this as our all purpose vector creator and editor. We do not believe in commercial software therefore we do not use any adobe or other software. We sketch our web/apps/mobile on paper then we recreate a representation of how they will look in the real world. The use of lines drawing, and color picking make the creation process much more comprehensive, and realistic for the projects to be coded. We also use this program for all of our icon creating and pixel counting.


This program is used for us to get a more detailed and comprehensive look from our vector creating.


We use Gimp for image manipulation and making updates to our sketches.

Purpose & Operation

We at Aviyon create projects to either operate, sell, rent, lease, are own. Our main objective is to create the largest operating portfolio of websites, apps, and software. All projects will exist in a connected ecosystem all under the Aviyon umbrella. This structure allows us to, host, maintain, and support everything efficiently.